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Celebrating 15 years and going international

Since 2002 Golf Passport has been a regular feature in Australia, giving golf clubs the opportunity to convert vacant tee times into revenue while giving golfers the opportunity to play at a variety of courses and enjoy different golfing experiences.

With a network of more than 200 associated clubs throughout Australia Golf Passport has been widely supported because of its ease of use and is still considered by many clubs the most effective way to generate additional revenue.

For the first 12 years Golf Passport was published as a voucher book. Now the program is fully digital providing a wide range of additional benefits to associated clubs and individual golfers, including the opportunity to enjoy instant savings on green fees.

The change to a digital format also enabled Golf Passport to enhance its relationship with the corporate sector, in particular the loyalty market, using golf to add value to an organisations membership offering and increase member engagement.

With an increase in the number of international clients, Golf Passport is now extending its network of associated clubs to including NZ, Southeast Asia and beyond, to meet the demands of clients seeking global golf solutions.

As well as providing additional opportunities to corporate clients, these developments provide additional benefits to associated clubs by offering international exposure as well as providing benefits to club members through the associated Member Rewards Program.

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